ITUAIS / Vários Holder (Heishi)

$55.00 (税込)
What is ITUAIS?

Based on the concept of "" (for a beautiful life), a leather brand that expresses things that make you feel passion and fun, regardless of style, based on the brand's interpretation.

We mainly make wallets, bracelets, etc. using leather materials, and we choose materials depending on the item being made and its purpose.
We aim to find the highest quality leather and commercialize it.

Therefore, the carefully selected materials are the same as those used by high brands and big maisons.
It has a high quality workmanship that is second to none other than the fact that the brand has just started and is still unknown.

▪︎ Heishi▪︎

A multi-purpose holder made from a combination of braided cord, leather, and various beads from around the world.
Compatible with glasses, sunglasses, and masks.

The pieces used are small beads called ``Heishi'' made from shells and natural minerals, which are often used in Indian jewelry.

This time, I focused on natural stones and collected beads made of various stones and shells.

What I mainly use is
⚫︎Black Onyx
⚫︎Lapis lazuli
⚫︎ Mother of Pearl
⚫︎Melon shell
⚫︎Spiney Oyster
⚫︎Red Jasper

There are many types of braids and leather, so the combinations are endless.
I tried to assemble the pieces so that they were not the same, so I was able to create items with a variety of expressions.

I would be happy if you had fun choosing it.

Size: Approximately 76cm

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