Lucky 'n' Lure/ラッキールアー

Lucky 'n' Lure / Giant Lucky SS Crew Neck Tee

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GIANT LUCKY, the work style character, is a new lucky lure character for bass fishing.
The body also gives it an American-style vintage feel.


Founded in 1975 in the countryside of Vermont, Comfort Colors® is a brand that has been particular about the texture and color of T-shirts since its founding. At the time in the United States, where open-end, rough-fitting T-shirts were the norm, Comfort Colors® used ring-spun cotton for a soft texture, which was rare, and with its own unique dyeing techniques, it has been able to bring to the world colorful, comfortable, piece-dyed T-shirts that are unlike any other. To pursue comfort and color, Comfort Colors® T-shirts are washed an astounding 50 times before they are completed.

Color: White

100% Cotton

Shoulder width(cm) 45.5 51.5 57
Width(cm) 51 56 60.5
Sleeve length(cm) twenty one 19 23.3
Length(cm) 67.5 73 80

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