Lucky 'n' Lure/ラッキールアー

Lucky 'n' Lure / WOW ! ! Cotton Cap - Copper

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What is the brand "Lucky 'n' Lure"?

A new brand started by Re-ACT designer Nakayama.

"TOP WATER" is a bass fishing game that offers a high level of gameplay and fun, making it a soothing experience.
In short, it is difficult to catch fish in T〇P WATER. If you come across the lucky lure, your catch will increase.

"Lucky 'n' Lure" is a song that is infused with this feeling.
I want to enjoy everything, even the weird parts!!

It would be awesome to share fishing and style with you all through the Lucky 'n' Lure fishing team!

WOW!! Embroidered logo.
When a bass bites the lure in top water bass fishing, there are many times when you can't help but shout "WOW!!" Aren't there times in your daily life when you can say "WOW!!"?
The low crown and the long, slender, perfectly curved brim are perfectly balanced to fit your head neatly. The careful washing process creates a vintage cap feel, giving it a fluffy, comfortable feel. It can be worn by both men and women!

Color: Copper
Size : Head circumference: approx. 53cm-60cm Depth: approx. 11.5cm Brim length: approx. 7cm

Material: 100% cotton

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