Mountain Research/マウンテンリサーチ

Mountain Research / 4Days - Navy

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This sweatshirt (fleece-lined cotton) can be worn in all directions: front, back, back, and front, and is a creative piece of clothing that will help you get through four days without getting bored. The main feature "FUZZ" is the name of the guitar pedal and is a keyword that symbolizes this season. Perfect to accompany you when you're out in the mountains.
○+α features
#1 FUZZ (front front) → #2 Chest pocket (back front) → #3 Chest embroidery (Only Anarchists live with Mountains) (back back) ~ #4 Plain (front back)

Color: Navy

Material: 100%

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Shoulder width (cm) 52
Width (cm) 64
Sleeve length (cm) 66
Length (cm) 66

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