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Mountain Research / Field Chair

$259.00 (税込) $370.00

As you know, Ballistics, which is well-known for producing repro models of the British Army Rover Chair, has released a new work... This is an extremely rare British Army field chair that is said to have existed before the Rover Chair, for which almost no documents or documents remain. As the name Field Chair suggests, the folding chair was made for camping purposes.The steel skeleton frame is separated, rolled with canvas (used for the seat and backrest), and then tied into a backpack. A rugged and masculine design with a vintage utility feel that can be adjusted to make it easier to carry. The original is estimated to be about 80 years old, and here we have boldly reprinted it with a splendid degree of perfection!!!

Below, please refer to the comments (or considerations) obtained from Ballistics, the company that produced this work.
“An important point seems to be that the skeletal frame is not a twisted plate flat bar, but a pipe shape to ensure rigidity.”
“I think it dates back to the 1930s, when industrial technology in each country was said to have made revolutionary advances in preparation for World War II.”
“Please forgive the 10 to 20 year gap.”
``At the time, images of people who looked like bigwigs, officers, and officials were often seen sitting there.''
``It may just be a folding chair, but this chair is full of interesting gimmicks such as the bending of small movable brackets, the inclusion of different metals, and the exquisite curvature of the intersecting flat bars. That's my honest opinion.''
``It is common throughout the world that civilians are called upon to manufacture supplies for fighting and defending major wars, and incredible technological innovations (in recent years, I think it's the internet?) are often produced by the military.''

I hope you can get a glimpse of the scenery in the background. This work is a faithful reproduction of a masterpiece, much of which is shrouded in mystery, using ``unbelievable technological innovation (assumed to be about 80 years ago).''
Mountain Research's bespoke model has a skeleton frame (olive drab paint) made of canvas with an "A" (lease mark) print. Please pay attention.

Color: Olive Drab Frame
Weight Approximately 2,180g Unfolded dimensions Width 420mm Height 740mm Depth 570mm
Storing dimensions Width 580mm Diameter 140mm

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