Mountain Research/マウンテンリサーチ

Mountain Research / TABI

$28.00 (税込)

Mountain Research exclusive color of NODAL socks. NODAL's product comments are so wonderful that I will quote them in full (almost). These socks are made from high-quality merino wool and are tie-dyed. Merino wool has thinner fibers than regular wool, so it feels less prickly and feels very smooth to wear. It has excellent heat retention, moisture absorption and desorption properties, and also has deodorizing properties, so it can be worn comfortably in all seasons. The sole of the foot is made of pile knitting. *Although it has been treated with a color fixing treatment, we recommend washing it separately for the first few times. Please refrain from using the dryer.

Color: Yellow
FREE size: approx. 24cm~28cm / total length when laid flat: approx. 39cm

Wool 90% Polyester 7% Polyurethane 3%

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