Mountain Research/マウンテンリサーチ

Mountain Research / Phishing JKT. - Orange

$367.00 (税込)

The idea of ​​continuing GR's legacy into mountain clothing is one that Mountain Research has continued to put into practice for many years. Here is the 23CC season model, which is made of recycled fleece material with a wild "coat" that leaves an impact. Along with new materials, we will deliver classic details such as a short length, pouch-shaped pockets, a zipper hood that instantly converts to a round neck, and a Velcro front. The silhouette has been revised in a modern direction. A weather word badge is included.

Color: Orange

Outer Shell: 100% Polyester Pocket

Part: Polyester 100%

***If you have any questions on items, feel free to contact us by email. We take international orders(ship by EMS and accept payment via Paypal).

Shoulder width (cm) 50.5 52
Width (cm) 58 61
Sleeve length (cm) 62.5 65
Length (cm) 67 71

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