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A town called Partizánske in the former Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 1939, NOVESTA was quietly established in the small town's historic industrial district, BATA Industrial Park.
Shoe factories specializing in rubber and canvas products have continued through the history of World War II, the post-war Cold War, the socialist era, and the division of nations to the present day, producing products such as military, work, rubber boots, and running shoes. We have been consistently making Slovakian footwear since our founding.
In 1992, after the Czech Republic and Slovakia split, the factory, which had made a name for itself as one of Europe's leading factories in the half century since its founding, launched NOVESTA, a pure Slovakian sneaker brand. Since then, NOVESTA has continued to grow as an original brand and has released various collaborative projects with brands from all over the world.
NOVESTA will continue to deliver handmade sneakers that retain the delicacy of Europe and the rustic texture of Eastern Europe to our customers.

NOVESTA's history begins in 1939, when Jan Antonin Bata, a member of the founding family of Bata Group, built a huge factory to produce rain boots and sneakers in the small town of Partizanske in what is now central Slovakia.

As Czechoslovakia's largest shoe factory, it mass-produced military trainer shoes since 1950.

NOVESTA is particular about quality and has built a production system that meets high environmental and social standards. Almost all of our products are made from carefully selected natural materials such as natural rubber, cotton, and linen, and 90% of our sneakers are handmade by craftsmen using the vulcanized manufacturing method. NOVESTA is one of the few factories in Europe that continues to aim for sustainable manufacturing that is kind to the global environment.

After more than half a century, the shoes produced at the factory have traveled from Europe to all over the world. The factory continues to consume over 700 tons of natural rubber every year and produce over 12,000 pairs of shoes a day.

A model added as a NOVESTA standard since 2013. Reproduction of classic marathon shoes from the 1950s. It is based on the model used as marathon shoes for Olympic athletes in 1988.


Upper: Leather, Polyester
Sole: Rubber
Laces: Cotton


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