Re-ACT / リアクト

Re-ACT / Re-ACT Chromexcel Leather Standard Belt - BLACK

$82.00 (税込)

Horween, founded in 1905 and with a long history of over 100 years, is a long-established American tannery that is famous for manufacturing leathers such as Chrome Excel and Shell Cordovan.

Chromexcel is an oil leather manufactured by Horween, and is a world-famous leather that is used not only in boots and shoes of famous brands, but also in bags, wallets, belts, etc.

The leather is carefully tanned using a method developed about 100 years ago, and a special oil made from a blend of more than four types of fats, including beef tallow, beeswax, vegetable fat, and fish fat, is applied to thoroughly penetrate the leather. This is bull-up leather.

The leather is finished by slowly soaking it with oil, which takes many times longer than normal leather, and has a high oil content, giving it a unique texture and solid feel, as well as the unique taste of tea core leather.

HORWEEN's simple basic design belt.
The thick leather made from Horween Chrome Excel takes advantage of the quality of the material and has an outstanding presence!
Horween leather has a high oil content and can be used in a wide range of situations, so you can enjoy aging.

*It will be delivered in a special bag.

・Material/Raw material: Cowhide
・Country of production/Country of origin: Japan/America
・Belt width: 30mm


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