Re-ACT / リアクト

Re.PALM STROKE/ Dyneema Circle Wallet - Black

$38.00 (税込)


Day-to-day life passes by casually.

Make your everyday life a little more special and ``extraordinary.'' Trivial things that are different from usual

A different road than usual, a different scenery than usual,

A different tool than usual.

A casual everyday life,

A day full of curiosity and anticipation, like going on a journey.

In our daily life, we

It makes me want to stretch just a little bit

By creating such a bag, it is a little different from usual.

We hope to create an "extraordinary" experience.

Cultivated in Kojima, a manufacturing town,

A commitment to sewing know-how and handwork.

From fabric development to planning, cutting, and sewing.

Consistently manufactured at our own domestic factory.

That kind of passion for manufacturing

your daily life,

Believe that you can become even a little richer

Through the tool called the bag, we

I will express it.

ReACT×PALM STROKE uses Dyneema®︎ leather "DELOREAN" to create a lightweight, tear-resistant and durable coin purse with a classic round shape.

What is Dyneema®︎Leather “DELOREAN”?

Manufactured by Dutch specialty science manufacturer DSM Dyneema® is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber that is used in medical sutures, fishing and aquaculture nets, apparel, etc. FSDX Dyneme® Leather is created by bonding ultra-high-performance materials and leather made by ECCO LEATHER in the Netherlands using special technology. This revolutionary leather is thin and lightweight like paper, yet highly durable and tear resistant.

Color: Black
Size:W9.5 x L9.5×D2cm

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