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“REPLANT” is a shoe brand that started in fall 2016. REPLANT=to replant, to replant, to replant. A new modern take on shoes from the 1950s to 1980s. A designer sows a seed and a skilled craftsman transplants it. And each person who wears it will grow it. "REPLANT" is "FINE FOOTWEAR" made in Japan.

Collaboration item with Karube Zori. Started manufacturing sandals in 1948 in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture. These natural bamboo leather sandals are made from high-quality bamboo skin with few spots that is harvested deep in the mountains, where development has not yet reached. Bamboo leather sandals, which have a unique antibacterial effect, are wrapped all around with synthetic leather to increase durability and make them easier to wear.


Tea bamboo is made by sterilizing and drying natural bamboo bark harvested in the deep mountains, then sorting the colors to create sandals with a uniform color.
Typewriter organic fabric is used for the thong, and strong synthetic leather is used for the entire circumference. Radial sole is used for the outsole. A shock-absorbing EVA sole is used between the insole and outsole.

Because everything is done by hand by craftsmen, mass production is not possible. However, our craftsmen spare no effort in order to deliver high-quality hand-knitted sandals.

Size:L (25~26.5cm), LL (27~28.5cm)


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