RIDE BAG/ライドバッグ

RIDE BAG / Royal Mail Bag - Special Edition

$222.00 (税込)

I'm starting a new remake.

These days, it is also called ``UP CYCLE,'' which involves dismantling an existing product and then making new changes to the existing product.
We will release a new RIDE BAG with the atmosphere that has survived the times. It would be helpful if you could understand that each graffiti is unique, and each doodle is unique.

As this is a handmade remake, each item will have a different expression. Thank you for your understanding.

This messenger bag was created by dismantling a Royal Mail bag and rebuilding it by hand by Mariachi himself. Most of the original mailbags have torn inner fabric, so the key point is that a new lining has been pasted on them.

This is a special bag made with mariachi in mind, similar to the patch customization done by American messengers.

Size: Approximately vertical 37cm x width 51cm x thickness 13cm

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