SASSAFRAS / Digs Crew Pants 4/5 - Black

$183.00 (tax free)
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Digs Crew Pants 4/5 using Canvas will be available for the first time in a while in 2023AW.

These pants are an homage to the designer's own Gramicchi pants and boast a perfectly balanced 9-part length.

The design is based on the pockets of US military helicopter crew shirts, and the back pocket has a gusseted box pocket.

The front pocket has a box pocket attached from the top and side pockets with snap buttons from the side to ensure storage capacity.

There is also a pen pocket between the front and back pockets, which is full of details.

Color:Black (Canvas)

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Waist (cm) 38.5 41 44 47
Rise (cm) 30 30 30.5 31
Inseam (cm) 67.5 68 68 68
Watari (cm) 32 32 34 36
Hem width (cm) 18.5 19.5 20.5 twenty two

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