Stan Ray / DoubleKnee Painter Pants -Ripstop

$76.00 (税込)
Stan Ray is a workwear line from Earl's Apparel, which was born as a sewing factory for workwear and military wear. Our tough and highly functional products have received high praise. While many apparel manufacturers are shifting production countries, the brand remains stubbornly committed to "MADE IN USA" and boasts high quality that is loved by many people, with the motto "Comfort - Style - Durability - Quality - Long Wearing - Easy Care". is.

The length is 32 inches and the fabric is ripstop.
The tag is a limited black tag that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The double knee painter pants are one of Stan Ray's most popular standard items. Authentic details such as a double knee design that improves the durability of the knees, which are prone to wear, ripple stitching in areas that are subject to stress, hammer loops and spanner pockets, and a slightly tapered Stan Ray unique clean look. This is a piece that allows you to enjoy a unique work style with a fusion of silhouettes.

Color: Khaki (Ripstop)

**Since it has not been washed, the waist and length may shrink by approximately 2cm after washing.

As this is an American-made work brand, errors within 1 inch will be subject to inspection and there will always be variations in size. Made in USA, please understand this as a characteristic of the product before purchasing.

***If you have any questions on items, feel free to contact us by email.
We take international orders(ship by EMS and accept payment via Paypal).

30 32 34 36
Waist (cm) 39.5 41 43 46.5
Rise (cm) 33 33 35 36
Inseam (cm) 81 81.5 83 81.5
Watari (cm) 30.5 31 33.5 34
Hem width (cm) 20.5 twenty two 22.5 twenty three

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