$43.00 (税込)
FAKE PASSPORT SYNDICATE (FPS) is an alternative folk musician who calls himself the "Fake Passport Brigade." In 2020 , during the coronavirus pandemic, we started our activities with only distribution. In an era when traveling overseas has become unusual, they are developing genre-less activities that allow them to "feel the world through music." The sound source was only broadcast live and not archived, and not only the identity but also the gender were not revealed. A shadow project of a famous musician? An elite musician who defected from Cuba? There are also rumors, but the truth is still unknown. Since FPS himself plays music based on his imagination from countries he has never visited, there are many cases where he misunderstands the facts and leads to outrageous misunderstandings. A Tokyo-themed song featured a humming loop of meaningless phrases that sounded like Japanese. On the other hand, since his off-mic comment during the live broadcast, ``Are you going to use Ajisen tonight as well?'' was in very fluent Japanese, the Japanese theory is now considered to be the most likely. He has publicly stated that he hates airplanes, so maybe he's just a lazy musician, regardless of the coronavirus? It is also ridiculed. The design of this T-shirt used in the SNS banner was created by Jerry Ukai. Ukai also does not know FPS himself and created this artwork based solely on their interactions on social media.
*This story is fiction.

Color: White

Cotton 100%

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Width (cm) 52 56 60
Length (cm) 67 70 73
Sleeve length (cm) 20 twenty one twenty two

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