TACOMA FUJI RECORDS / LSD CAP '23 designed by Jerry UKAI

$46.00 (税込)

LSD CAP '23 designed by Jerry UKAI

Size: FREE

Belt part: Cow Leather

The year is 1966. After Timothy, a psychologist, and Marshall, a media researcher, have lunch at a cafe in San Francisco, they both realize they don't have enough money for the bus home. The two, who don't usually do any exercise, ran slowly over a distance of about 30 kilometers. Long Throw Distance (LSD). The two of them gradually reached a runner's high, and as they ran, they became enlightened and turned on, tune in, drop out! I can think of the word. After that, I became completely addicted to marathons, and eventually moved to running in the mountains. Timothy and Marshall, a chubby old man, run through the wilderness of the West Coast. The watchword is always long throw distance. If you drive slowly, you can go anywhere.
*This story is fiction.

Unlike T-shirts, I like caps to be a little flashy. Following on from last year, we will be releasing LSD caps. This year's release is in mid-summer, so it's a brightly colored light blue ripstop design. It is the best match for LSD's embroidery color scheme.

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