$346.00 (税込)
iron skate deck legs
Inscription "OFF THE WALL"
Color Raw color
Material iron
Load capacity Yokozuna
(Although it has been given a clear coating, it will rust because it is iron. It can be used as a table or a chair.) There is a numbering stamp on the back of the base plate of the legs.
⚠︎Comes with 2 BABERUTH IRONWORKS logo stickers! (Handmade silk screen printed sticker)
OFF THE WALL has a slightly different meaning. The name comes from the legs of a skate deck. Isn't the shape a little different?
It consists of 3 parts, consisting of both legs and a turnbuckle that connects them. The turnbuckle has a reverse thread on one side, so if you look in the direction and screw in, both legs will tighten.
Please turn the turnbuckle to adjust the size according to the skate deck you are installing. (The track holes are of a common standard, so current decks can be installed.)
~Production history~
Back in the spring of this year, when the select shop redtriangle, which TANIMA is indebted to, was celebrating its 10th anniversary, I heard that the shop owner was ordering a skate deck from Mountain Research as an anniversary project, so I decided that TANIMA would be able to install the deck. That's when I came up with the idea of ​​making iron legs.
Since it's our 10th anniversary, we've set a reasonable price.
By the time I came up with this idea, I had already decided that Takumi from Babe Ruth Iron Works was the only person I would ask to produce it.
Rather than deciding on the shape from TANIMA's side, please make it the shape that Takumi wants to make! and. The order was entirely up to me, but when I looked at the sample, I was completely shocked by the quality of the product.
The material is iron and it's tough, but the way the lines are used is beautiful, and the turnbuckle part in the middle gives it a pop.
It looks like furniture, so it can be used indoors, and since it's made of steel, it's like outdoor gear that can be used outdoors. It is a one-of-a-kind daily play tool.
Due to the influence of the coronavirus, the price of steel has skyrocketed, and thanks to TANIMA's absurd production budget, there will be no reproduction and the number will be small. The cardboard used for shipping packaging is not specially made, but is recycled.
Product photography cooperation/Warashibe Pictures
Sticker production cooperation/muscle print

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