White Mountaineering/ホワイトマウンテニアリング

White Mountaineering / WM x WILDTHINGS 'DENALI JACKET' (PURPLE) - BC2471201

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2024 Spring / Summer Collection

White Mountaineering ®︎

white mountaineering


Based on the scenery he has seen so far and the design inspiration he has gained from his travels, the photographer captures the changing times and changing scenes he experienced in his upbringing through the viewfinder, translating them into " photos " that remain as records. This season is expressed as a scene I have seen. The theme of this work is `` Memories ,'' which depicts scenes that transcend time: memories of the past and personal memories of the imagined future .

Based on the views and the inspirations acquired during the journeys,
I transcribed the change in the time period and the transforming scenery into 'the pictures'. The theme is the landscape seen by the photographer through his viewfinder.
Personal memories from the past and imagination for the hopeful future,
this collection was inspired by the depictions from two different timelines
and has the title "Memories".

WILDTHINGS' masterpiece 'DENALI JACKET' has been modified to a light spec with 3 layer fabric. The collaboration name is placed on the chest, and while maintaining the DENALI JACKET's iconic design, the fitting is a little looser, so it can be worn as an alternative to a windbreaker in early spring, or can be worn from winter by pairing it with a middle layer. Possible.

Color: Purple


Main: Nylon100% Parts: Polyester100%

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